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To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird Movie

Background Of The To Kill A Mockingbird Movie

The To Kill a Mockingbird movie was released in 1962, two years after the publication of the novel. The black and white movie adaptation was directed by Robert Mulligan and starred Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch. Robert Duvall also debuted in To Kill A Mockingbird as Boo Radley.

The To Kill A Mockingbird movie closely follows the novel, representing the events from the point of view of the children, Jem and Scout. The screenplay was written by Horton Foote. Harper Lee praised it as a faithful adaptation of her novel.

Awards For The To Kill A Mockingbird Movie

To Kill A Mockingbird Movie
To Kill A Mockingbird movie poster
To Kill A Mockingbird was nominated for eight Academy Awards and won three.

Best Actor: Gregory Peck
Best Art Direction - Set Decoration, Black-and-White: Alexander Golitzen, Henry Bumstead, Oliver Emert
Best Adapted Screenplay: Horton Foote

Best Supporting Actress: Mary Badham
Music: Elmer Bernstein
Best Cinematography, Black-and-White: Russell Harlan
Best Director: Robert Mulligan
Best Picture: Alan J. Pakula

To Kill A Mockingbird Movie Credits

Director: Robert Mulligan
Producer: Alan J. Pakula
Written by: Harper Lee (novel), Horton Foote (screenplay)
Music: Elmer Bernstein
Cinematography: Russell Harlan
Editing: Aaron Stell

Main Cast Of To Kill A Mockingbird

Gregory Peck: Atticus Finch
Mary Badham: Scout Finch
Phillip Alford: Jem Finch
Robert Duvall: Boo Radley
John Megna: Dill Harris
Frank Overton: Sheriff Heck Tate
Brock Peters: Tom Robinson
Estelle Evans: Calpurnia

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